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Small businesses are facing a great deal of uncertainty. They need a little extra help. The Together Blue plan is one of the ways we’re trying to make things better — by offering Highmark’s lowest cost ACA plan for small businesses that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

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This page intended for small businesses of Allegheny, Erie, and Washington counties in western Pennsylvania

A one-of-a-kind health plan

Together Blue puts everything your small business needs into one package. You and your employees get access to the lowest cost health plan that Highmark has to offer and the high-quality care you’ve come to expect from Allegheny Health Network (AHN).

Highmark works with trusted local health care providers like AHN to provide a more complete health care experience to the people of western PA — all while taking some of the stress away from you and your employees.

Together, we all win

Highmark’s TogetherConnect Concierge team acts as your single contact to call for all of your health care and health insurance needs. We can give professional guidance to our customers through every step of the health care process.

Coordination between the insurance company and the health care provider is seamless.

Highmark’s whole health approach lets us identify problems before they get out of hand. This helps us keep costs in check through the proper management of chronic conditions, preventive screenings, health coaches, and more.

Together Blue means two less things to worry about — cost and quality. You can rest assured knowing you have the most affordable small business ACA plan Highmark has to offer and that your employees are in good hands.

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